Working safely with JUMBO tow ropes

JUMBO Tow rope instructions

Please note: be sure to refer to your car’s owner’s manual booklet before towing. Check the tow rope for damage before use.


Securing the JUMBO tow rope

  1. Fasten both ends of the cable to the appropriate point on the car (not on the bumper). The proper mounting points are described in your car’s owner’s manual.
  2. Do not tow cars with defective brakes, steering system or lights.
  3. In cars with power steering and a servo-assistance unit (hydraulic support), you will require more power to steer and brake than when the engine is shut down.


Driving while towing a car

  1. Turn on the emergency lights of the car that you tow.
  2. Turn the ignition key of the car that you are towing, but do not start the engine (this will unlock the steering column lock).
  3. Drive slowly and carefully and signal turns and lane changes well in advance.
  4. The driver of the towed car must be sure to keep tension on the tow rope at all times. Brake gently when necessary to keep tension on the cable.


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