Working safely with JUMBO bungee cords


Be sure to read the instructions carefully before using the JUMBO bungee cords. Failure to comply with the instructions can result in harm to the product, your belongings and yourself! Excellent Products BV cannot be held responsible for accidents or damage as a result of wear and/or improper use of its products.

  • Always be careful and cautious when using bungee cords.
  • Do not use the bungee cords for any purpose other than those specified in the instructions.
  • Check the bungee cords before use. Make sure that the bungee cords are not frayed, damaged or weather damaged and that the hooks are in good condition.
  • Keep the bungee cords out of reach of children. Bungee cords are most definitely not toys.
  • Do not use bungee cords for goods that can move from their place as a result of movement.
  • Do not use bungee cords for heavy objects or for goods that catch a great deal of wind.
  • Bungee cords must never to be used to restrain the movement of people or animals.
  • The bungee cords are not insulated. Do not use the bungee cords with or for electrically charged appliances and equipment.
  • Use a JUMBO corner protector to protect sharp or fragile edges.
  • Never secure a hook with the point.
  • Never extend a bungee cord beyond 100% of its natural length.
  • Beware of unexpected recoil of the bands! Keep your eyes, hands and other vulnerable body parts away from the bungee cords when stretching them.
  • After use, store the bungee cords in a safe, dry place out of reach of children.


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