Working safely with JUMBO tie-downs

Be sure to read the enclosed instructions carefully before using JUMBO tie-downs. Failure to comply with the instructions can result in harm to the product, your belongings and yourself. Excellent Products BV cannot be held responsible for accidents or damage as a result of wear and/or improper use of its products.

  • Always be careful and cautious when using tie-downs.
  • Do not use the tie-downs for any purpose other than those specified in the instructions.
  • Inspect the tie-downs before use. Make sure that the tie-downs are not frayed, damaged or weather damaged and that the ratchet(s) and/or hooks are in good condition.
  • Tie-downs must never be used to restrain the movement of people or animals.
  • Tie-downs must never be used to tow cars.
  • Use a JUMBO corner protector to protect sharp or fragile edges.
  • Be sure that the surfaces or objects to which you fasten tie-downs are sufficiently sturdy.
  • Do not overtighten the tie-downs. NEVER place a greater tensile force on the tie-downs than that which is indicated on the product packaging.
  • Check the tie-downs every 40 kilometres.
  • Tie-downs become worn as a result of intensive use and by the effects of weather. Replace the tie-downs regularly.
  • Be extra cautious when securing goods that are heavy and can catch a great deal of wind. Be sure to use an adequate number of tie-downs.
  • NEVER USE TOOLS or leverage when securing the tie-downs. Use only your own muscle power.


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